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Caregiver News Roundup Sunday November 1, 2009

Susan Baida - November 01, 2009 09:11 PM

Healthcare Reform Bill Will Lower Medicare Prescription Drug Costs – The healthcare reform bills being considered in Congress will save $24 billion in the Medicare Prescription Drug program which will be used to close coverage gap known as the "donut hole." 

Parkinson’s Disease May Be Slowed by Antioxidant – A new study found that the progression of Parkinson’s can be determined by the level of the antioxidant urate in serum and cerebral spinal cord fluid. Higher levels of this antioxidant can help slow the disease.

Seniors with Dementia Have a Higher Death Rate from the Flu – Senior citizens who suffer from dementia are 50% more likely to die from the flu than those not suffering from dementia. Part of the reason is these patients have a harder time communicating their symptoms to doctors. 

Diabetics Suffering from Alzheimer’s Have Slower Memory Loss – A French study has found that diabetics with Alzheimer’s have slower memory loss than people suffering from only Alzheimer’s. 

Coffee Can Be Good For Your Health –A Harvard Medical School study has found that coffee can help prevent or slow numerous diseases including cancer, diabetes type 2 and Parkinson’s disease. 

Tai Chi Can Help Arthritis of the Knee – A British study has found the Chinese exercise can help relieve osteoarthritis in the knee. 

Robot Can Help Aging Parents Live Independently – A session at TEDMED, a healthcare technology conference, discussed the use of robots to help care for aging parents at home. This technology could eventually help more people stay in their homes.

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