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We can work with your business to create a branded website that allows you to provide our premium services to your clients and employees.

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  • The Care Diary

  • Expert Content

  • Branded Web Portals

  • Customization
The Care Diary offers online tools intended to help family caregivers coordinate and organize all their care scheduling needs:

Care Circle

Add family members and others involved in the patient's care so that they will have online access to the information stored in the Care Diary. Even customize which sections are seen by which Care Circle members!


Schedule doctor appointments, caregiver visits, meals, or any other events so that everyone in the Care Circle knows what is happening when.

Patient Profile

Store important information about the patient, such as physical stats, allergy details, insurance or Medicare information that Care Circle members may need access to during hospital visits.


Enter all of the patient's medications & dosages so that there is no confusion over when a medication needs to be taken. Even schedule reminders to avoid missing refilling prescriptions!


Update members of the Care Circle on the patient's care by writing in the Journal. Attach up to 5 photos to each journal entry— a picture is worth a thousand words. offers a wide range of educational, newsworthy content from vetted experts across a variety of heath and care related fields:

Blog Articles

We publish in-depth and informative articles several times per week on a variety of subjects ranging from healthcare trends and medical conditions to caregiver wellness and self-care.

Expert Q&A

Users of the site can submit questions to be answered by our experts, which are published twice weekly in the Expert Q&A section.

Radio Podcasts

eCareDiary sponsors 3 Radio Podcasts: Empowering Family Caregivers, Caregiver & Physician Conversations, and Caregivers Speak!


Every month, one of our experts presents a webinar on their topic of expertise.

Video Shows

We publish two video series: What Caregivers Need To Know, a show that features interviews with professionals, caregivers, and community members, and Caregiver Tips & Clips, a series of short, informational videos about different medical conditions and caregiver resources.

We offer 3 branding solutions to bring our services to your users:

Branded Site

This is the premium branding option where your custom subdomain is completely integrated into your brand with your own logos, color scheme, fonts and necessary design changes. Clients who choose this option can also discuss further customization of our services to meet their unique needs. Learn more about that under "Customization".

Co-Branded Site

This option is a step up from generic branding– you receive a web portal with your own custom subdomain that features your logo along with eCareDiary's logo & retains the overall design of the main eCareDiary site.

Non-Branded Site

This option is the most basic form of branding– you receive a web portal with your own custom subdomain but whose design does not feature any eCareDiary branding or your own branding.

We can work with you to customize our services to best fit the needs of your users:

Smartphone App

The Care Diary tool is available as a custom app for the convenience of users on-the-go. For more information about the app, please contact us through one of the methods listed below.

eCareDiary, Your Way

We also offer a variety of customization options for sites licensed with full branding. These include:

  • Customizing visuals— such as banners, images, and icons
  • Customizing content— use your licensed site as a platform for publishing your own articles or videos
  • Site redesign— while a branded site will be redesigned with the logos, colors, and fonts of your compay's branding it retains the format and layout of the eCareDiary site. We also offer further customization options in which we redesign the layout of the licensed site to look more like your own company's site.

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  • Employers

  • Senior Care Providers

  • Health Plans

  • Hospitals
eCareDiary enables employers to:
  • Reduce caregiver absenteeism, increase productivity and improve their overall health - items which cost employers $34 billion annually
  • Improve caregiver retention and decrease employees switching from full time to part time
  • Offer employees a more efficient and secure way to share information with care partners
  • Add a needed service to existing benefit packages
eCareDiary helps your clients:
  • Manage appointments and medications
  • Stay up-to-date with their loved one's care from a long distance
  • Store legal documents
  • Access expert content on eldercare and caregiving
eCareDiary enables health plans to:
  • Provide added value to employer clients and help them improve their bottom line by reducing the $34 billion annually they spend on family caregivers
  • Reduce home care costs by improved care coordination with families, keeping patients healthier
  • Improve Medicare Star Ratings through better management of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, CHF, and Hypertension
  • Increase CAHPS scores due to improved member satisfaction
eCareDiary allows you to:
  • Provide outreach to your community/catchment area
  • Help monitor patients while they are not in your direct care
  • Reduce re-admission rates by helping patients post-discharge


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I believe the Care Diary is a valuable tool to have available and that it helps bring peace-of-mind to those struggling with caregiving. We are proud to make the Care Diary available to members of our community." -Allison Nidetz, Senior Director of Marketing and Account Management, ArchCare
The Care Calendar makes it so easy to track changes in Dad's condition and share it with others in our care community. -Polly Whitehorn, New York
My sister works crazy hours, but she can check eCareDiary at any time
for an update. In this way, she can still participate in Dad's care even though
she lives far away. -Virginia Walsh, New Jersey

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