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If my mother does get hurt from drinking, would my sister be liable if she bought her the alcohol?
By susew on April 01, 2014 - 05:48 PM

My mother is 87, lives alone in her own home 2 blocks from my sisters house. She is able to care for herself and is in good health, but has periods of depression and forgetfulness at times.The biggest problem is that she has always liked to drink beer or wine and occasionally will overdo it. My sister buys her the wine and beer, as Mom doesn't drive anymore. Due to some recent obvious episodes sis now is worried that Mom may overdrink and fall down the stairs or somehow hurt herself so she has said no more wine. Now my mother is very unhappy about this and feels resentful towards sis. I feel for both of them, but my mother's drinking has been an issue for many years and it has never been dealt with accordingly. Two other siblings are aware of this situation but seem to not be willing to take any responsibility, other than my brother talking to her about it and then thinking it was settled. Other sis has plenty of her own problems and I live 3 states away. This is not an easily addressed problem, my mother has always refused to become involved with the community, had few friends and once my father died she came and lived with me for a year. She was angry that he died before her and refused to do anything other than stay home and watch tv or read. She hated the south and so moved back to her home state and near my sister. Now all she does is watch tv. She is extremely dependent on others. Refuses senior center activities or even housekeeping help. It is now becoming apparent that we don't know what to do for her or with her.

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