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Does Medicare Cover the Costs of an Alzheimer's Care Facility?

by John Mills, Healthcare Reform Expert
August 19, 2011

Question: My father has Alzheimer’s and we need to place him in a memory care facility. Will Medicare cover the cost of caring for him in this type of facility?


No.  Unfortunately Medicare does not cover the cost of a memory care facility for people with Alzheimer’s.  In most cases, Medicare will cover up to 100 days of care at home or in a nursing home immediately after a hospitalization but provides no coverage afterwards.  

You do have other options though. 

a. If you have a Long Term Care Insurance policy, it should cover the cost of a memory care facility although the coverage is generally capped at a specific dollar amount each day. 
b. Medicaid may provide coverage for a memory care facility but the amount and ability to qualify will vary by each state. You will need to check with your state Medicaid program.
c. If your loved one is a veteran, you may be eligible for assistance from the Veterans Administration.

In many cases, families are forced to pay for the cost of a memory care facility out of their own pocket.  This is why many people advise that you plan for long term care in advance by purchasing a long term care insurance policy or investigating other coverage options.

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John Mills, the Founder of, has over 20 years of experience in the health care field focused on health care policy. His previous work experience includes being a key team member of MyHealthBank, a start-up company specializing in health care software and technology and working as chief health policy aide to Congressman Eliot Engel of New York. He was a member of President Clinton’s Task Force on Health Care Reform.

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