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Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas for Seniors

by Mike Dodd, Home Remodeling Expert
October 03, 2013

Question: My grandfather has just come out of a long illness and is in recovery mode. He is very independent and likes to do his own laundry. But I have noticed it is getting more and more difficult for him. Any ideas to help him?

Answer: My response would be to make sure that the laundry facilities have very good lighting available, non-slip resilient floor covering material, front-loading washer and dryer that are set up on minimum 18" tall platforms, adequate storage for laundry detergents and supplies, an area for clothes folding, an area for clothes hanging, and a general work surface large enough to accommodate the kinds of activities associated with laundering. A working deep-bowl sink is always a plus as well.  If there is space available for a fold-up ironing board that is also an advantage. If all that space is not available in the laundry room, perhaps an adjacent area could accommodate a folding table for the overflow. Last, and certainly not least, make absolutely sure that the laundry facilities are on the main level and NOT in a basement where the gentleman is walking up and down stairs.

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Mike Dodd is the founder and President of Lifewise Renovations, that combines home remodeling project management with the expertise of health care professionals, to make it possible live safely and comfortably at home regardless of age or physical ability. As a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Mike holds the Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) designation.

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