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What is a Successful Aging Team?

by Sharkie Zartman, Empowered Aging Expert
February 07, 2019

Question: I read about establishing a successful aging team. What does that mean?


It means that we have the opportunity to build our own support team. We get to choose the people we want to be with the most who are positive and encourage us to reach our goals. Too often, we have too many negative people in our lives that tend to bring us down and complain all the time. I call those people psychic vampires and try to stay away from them as much as possible.   Your team includes your family, friends, colleagues, and also your medical team including your doctors and practitioners and you should be able to choose them if possible.  Besides being excellent at their jobs, they also need to be people you can talk to about your concerns and answer your questions.  Also, if you have have certain interests, this is a great way to add more people to your team. You can join a book club, a choir, a club, a team or volunteer your services for a needy cause. Also, the internet is a great resource to get team members. Even though you might not ever meet these people in person, they could become your greatest advocates. The most important thing to remember if you want to have a successful aging team is to be proactive and get out and find these people.    

Sharkie Zartman is an all-American athlete, speaker, author of nine books and an empowered aging specialist.

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