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How Should One Prepare to Age Well?

by Sharkie Zartman, Empowered Aging Expert
November 01, 2018

Question: How should one prepare to age well?  


Great question. I would say the same way that one prepares to do well in a sport. It takes training, good nutrition, exercise, focus and commitment in order to be successful. Empowered aging is all about controlling the things in our life that we can.  John Wooden  (UCLA basketball)  used to tell his athletes to focus on what they can do in the game, not what they cannot do.  I think this is great advice for any challenge in life, especially aging. And there is so much we can control with our attitudes, diets, daily exercise, and also choosing to  be with people who are positive instead of negative.  


Sharkie Zartman is an all-American athlete, speaker, author of nine books and an empowered aging specialist.

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