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Can One be Infected by Hep B Again Post-Recovery?

by Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B Expert
October 04, 2018

Question: Can someone who’s recovered from Hep B get it again?

Answer: Typically, when someone recovers from a hepatitis B infection, they build up protective antibodies and cannot be infected again. That is good news! However, it is important for people to remember that certain medications can reactivate hepatitis B, even after recovery. For example, if someone needs treatment that will suppress their immune system (such as chemotherapy or long-term steroids), their hepatitis B can be reactivated and cause serious liver damage. So, before starting this type of treatment, people should be tested for hepatitis B, so that the doctor can keep an eye on patients who have had a previous hepatitis B infection. For more information, please visit: .

Chari Cohen is Senior Vice President of Public Health for the Hepatitis B Foundation.

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