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How Does Pessimism Affect Aging?

by Sharkie Zartman, Empowered Aging Expert
September 27, 2018

Question: Does pessimism affect the chances of a senior aging well?  

Answer: Very much so, in a detrimental way.  With the mind-body connection it’s almost as if the cells in our bodies are listening to our thoughts.  If the thoughts are mostly negative, the body cells will start to malfunction, which is obviously a problem as we age.  This is why positivity is so powerful as we age.  I always tell people to look for the good and they will find it.  A great way to do this is to have a journal and only record the positive things that happen during the day.  Try to find at least five things and write them down before you fall asleep. Many of my students have reported back that doing this changed their day since they were actually looking for positive things to put in their journals and that by doing this their days were more joyful and they slept better at night.

Sharkie Zartman is an all-American athlete, speaker, author of nine books and an empowered aging specialist.

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