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Can You Have the Hep B Virus Without Knowing Of It?

by Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B Expert
September 20, 2018

Question: Is it possible to have the Hep B virus and not know about it?

Answer: Yes, worldwide, only about 10% of people who have hepatitis B are aware of their infection. Most people who have hepatitis B do not have any symptoms. So, unless someone is tested for hepatitis B, they usually don’t know that they have it. It is important for everyone to know their hepatitis B status, so that if they are infected, they can take precautions to prevent liver damage and liver cancer. That is why the Hepatitis B Foundation believes that everyone should be tested for hepatitis B, especially those people who are at high-risk, or who live in areas of the world where hepatitis B is common (especially Asia and Africa). Remember, almost 300 million people worldwide have hepatitis B, so it is more common that most people think! For more information, please visit:

Chari Cohen is Senior Vice President of Public Health for the Hepatitis B Foundation.

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