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Treatments and Cure for Hepatitis B

by Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B Expert
October 05, 2017

Question: Are there treatments for hepatitis B? Is there a cure for hepatitis B?

Answer: There is currently no cure for hepatitis B, but scientists are optimistic that there will be a cure within the next decade. For now, there are decisions people can make to protect their livers such as seeing a liver specialist or health care provider regularly, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and eating healthy foods. There are also approved treatments that control the hepatitis B virus, which helps reduce the risk of developing more serious liver disease. There are two types of medications right now: immune modulators, which are given as a shot over 6 months to 1 year; and there are antiviral medications which are taken as a pill daily for at least 1 year. For more information on treatment options, please go to:

Chari Cohen is Director of Public Health for the Hepatitis B Foundation.

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