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Special Characteristics of Cord Blood

by Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya, Regenerative Medicine Expert
September 14, 2017

Question: What are the special characteristics of cord blood?

Answer: It has both nucleated and non nucleated cells. Stem cells constitute .02-1 percented nucleated cells The stem cell population  showed a predominance of haematopoietic stem cells  apart from Mesenchymal stem cells, Unrestricted somatic stem cells, Endothelial progenitors and angiogenesis stimulating cells, few embryonal stem cell, Stem cell in varying stage of transition and molecular expression. The non nucleated cells contain predominantly Fetal haemoglobin rich RBCs and others.

Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya is the Head of Department of Regenerative Medicine and Translational Medicine at the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine

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