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Who Should be Tested for Hepatitis B?

by Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B Expert
August 24, 2017

Question: Who should be tested for hepatitis B?

Answer: Hepatitis B testing is recommended for certain groups of people, including: all pregnant women; people who have diabetes; people born in Asia, Africa, and other regions with moderate or high rates of Hepatitis B; unvaccinated people whose parents are from regions with high rates of Hepatitis B; anyone having sex with or living with a person infected with Hepatitis B; anyone living or working in a long-term care facility; men who have sexual encounters with other men; people who inject drugs; people with HIV infection; people on hemodialysis; people who receive chemotherapy or other types of immunosuppressive therapy. For more information, please visit:

Chari Cohen is Director of Public Health for the Hepatitis B Foundation.

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