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Are there any procedures that can help make loose teeth secure?

by Dr. Joshua Davidson, Senior Dental Care Expert
August 10, 2017

Question: Are there any procedures that can help make loose teeth secure?

Answer: Well, somewhat.

Teeth are secured into bone. If you lose bone, teeth become less stable. My analogy is the following. If you sink a post four feet deep into the earth, the post is very stable. If soil gets washed away, the post (your tooth) is less stable. Bone loss is called “periodontal disease” and to stabilize the bone level, regular cleanings are essential. Cleanings sweep away the bacteria that live below the gums and reduce inflammation. Less inflammation translates into bone level stability.

Joshua Davidson is a 2011 graduate of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He simultaneously received his Masters Degree in Public Health. He currently works at the Chippewa Falls Dental Center in Chippewa Falls, WI focusing on issues of geriatric dental care.

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