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Does Exercise Help with Improving Spinal Bone Density?

by Dr. Ruth Heidrich, Senior Fitness Expert
May 26, 2017

Question: Can exercise help with improving bone density in the spine?

Answer: Indeed, I believe it is the only healthy way to improve the density of any bone.  You've no doubt heard "Use it or lose it" which definitely applies here. Weight-bearing activity such as walking with a weighted vest is a good way to put some good stress on the spine. You also need to eat a good diet, high in leafy greens with low or no animal protein which can leach calcium from the bones so you don't lose bone density.  To understand how this works, see my chapter on Osteoporosis in my book, Senior Fitness, available through

A world-champion Ironman triathlete, Dr. Ruth Heidrich, with a Ph.D. in Health Management and being a Certified Fitness Trainer, has been a staunch educator in promoting a healthy lifestyle. She's a winner of over 900 trophies in races such as 6 Ironman triathlons, 67 marathons, bicycling & swimming including 8 gold medals in the Senior Olympics, all this after her diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer. More information is available at

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