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Is Macular Degeneration Always Caused by Age?

by Alan McClain, Macular Degeneration Expert
May 04, 2017

Question: Is macular degeneration always caused by age?


Macular degeneration is caused by age and by a number of other factors, as listed in my book How I Beat Macular Degeneration and How You Can, Too!  As we grow older, our systems are less able to process foods well enough to control sugar and inflammation, which leads to various conditions including those affecting the eyes.  Macular degeneration is currently turning up among people age 50 and above.  For another excellent summary, see the book Macular Degeneration, A Complete Guide for Patients and Their Families by Michael A. Samuel, M.D. and Joshua Hedaya, M.D.

Alan McClain, paralegal and former management systems analyst is author of "How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can Too!".

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