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What is Wet Macular Degeneration?

by Alan McClain, Macular Degeneration Expert
April 20, 2017

Question: What is wet macular degeneration?

Answer: Wet macular degeneration is the advanced stage of this condition.  Only about 10% of the people with the early symptoms in the "dry" stage will see the condition progress to the "wet" stage.  Eye specialists have treatments to slow its progression, and newer treatments are being developed.  The patient is told to test his or her vision daily by viewing an Amsler grid and possibly using the new Forsee home AMD monitoring program, reporting any changes to the doctors.  For an excellent summary, see the book Macular Degeneration, A Complete Guide for Patients and Their Families by Michael A. Samuel, M.D. and Joshua Hedaya, M.D.

Alan McClain, paralegal and former management systems analyst is author of "How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can Too!".

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