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Should Dentures be Cleaned Everyday?

by Dr. Joshua Davidson, Senior Dental Care Expert
February 09, 2017

Question: Is it necessary to clean dentures daily?

Answer: YES! Clean your denture daily just like you would with real teeth. In many ways dentures are no different than teeth. Oral bacteria like to reside on solid surfaces – your teeth or dentures. Oral bacteria are swallowed or inhaled and the cleaner your teeth, whether real or artificial, the better off your bodily health will be.

Make sure and take your dentures out every night. Cleaning dentures is achieved by both mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush and soaking in an antimicrobial liquid (an Efferdent tablet or the equivalent). Don’t use commercial toothpaste. Those fine abrasives in toothpaste will scratch the polished acrylic in your denture. Removing your dentures allows gums to “breathe” and heal. Oxygen is the enemy of oral bacteria and when gum tissues are exposed to oxygen and saliva, the tissues have a chance to be cleansed, dead cells are washed away and any minor abrasions can heal. Once your dentures are out lightly brush your gums to sweep away more bacteria. Store your clean dentures overnight in water.

Joshua Davidson is a 2011 graduate of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He simultaneously received his Masters Degree in Public Health. He currently works at the Chippewa Falls Dental Center in Chippewa Falls, WI focusing on issues of geriatric dental care.

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