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How Soon Can Yoga be Practiced after a Parkinson’s Diagnosis?

by Renee Le Verrier, Parkinson's Disease Expert
December 08, 2016

Question: At what point after a Parkinson’s diagnosis can a senior start practicing yoga?

Answer: With any exercise, check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice. If your doctor supports or even recommends yoga, there’s no time like the present, which, coincidentally, is what yoga is all about, beyond the physical stretching and relaxing. Yoga practice begins wherever it’s needed, from first-time beginner to experienced guru. No need to be an athlete or have ever stepped inside a studio to benefit from yoga. Be certain, however, that a class or practice is the right match for you. Not all yoga teachers are familiar with PD. Interview, ask questions, and determine if a class is a good match for you.

Renee Le Verrier is the co-director of the APDA's Arts & Movement Program and, in partnership with the APDA, she leads a Parkinson's Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program. She is the author of the book, "Yoga for Movement Disorders" and its Companion DVD. She is also a certified yoga instructor and specializes in creating adaptations for people living with movement disorders.

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