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Best Time for Seniors with Parkinson’s to Practice Yoga

by Renee Le Verrier, Parkinson's Disease Expert
November 10, 2016

Question: What is the best time for a senior with Parkinson’s to practice yoga?

Answer: Yoga can be enjoyed throughout the day. Morning and early afternoon yoga tends to include energizing poses while evening flows incorporate more relaxing movement. Opt for a longer class – which  typically run 45, 60, or 90 minutes – or divide the time into several 10- to 15-minute sessions at home throughout the day. For example, sit on the edge of the bed and start the day with a few cat and dog poses, some shoulder warmups and a twist.

Renee Le Verrier is the co-director of the APDA's Arts & Movement Program and, in partnership with the APDA, she leads a Parkinson's Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program. She is the author of the book, "Yoga for Movement Disorders" and its Companion DVD. She is also a certified yoga instructor and specializes in creating adaptations for people living with movement disorders.

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