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How do Electronic Glasses Work?

by Dan Roberts, Vision & Eye Expert
November 04, 2016

Question: I have heard of electronic glasses that can help the visually impaired. Can you provide more info on how they work?

Answer: Also known as “smart glasses”, these wearable electronic assistance devices maximize the eyesight of a person with low vision. With them, the wearer can enhance and magnify images both near and distant. They are worn like glasses and are remotely operated by either a handheld or belt-worn controller. Two such products are now leading the market: NuEyes and eSight, both of which may be found under “Portable Electronic Magnifiers” at .

Dan Roberts is Founding Director of MD Support, Inc. and the International Low Vision Support Group. He is the editor-in-chief of “Living Well with Low Vision”. He is also the author of “The First Year–Age-Related Macular Degeneration” and contributing author to “Occupational Therapy Intervention for the Older Adult with Low Vision”.

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