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What are Caregiver Intervention Programs?

by Margery Pabst Steinmetz, Caregiving Expert
July 10, 2015

Question: I have heard of intervention programs to help caregivers with stress. I would like to understand this better.

Answer: You are very wise to ask for help because nearly 60% of caregivers have a medical issue themselves due to stress.  Here are some suggestions:

-if you have a fairly large hospital in your area, stress clinics and seminars for caregivers tend to be the norm.  All denominations of faith communities often have caregiver resources and seminars.

-If you are not a person who wants to meet with a group or can't because of the demands of your caregiving, there are useful tools online.  Here are some.
I'm a caregiver at
National Alliance for Caregiving, the website you are on right now, is an excellent resource.

Margery Pabst has over 30 years experience as a national speaker, facilitator, and is the co-author of four books focused on human potential and personal resilience. She is the co-author of "Enrich Your Caregiving Journey", winner of the 2010 "Caregiver Friendly Award" and the host of eCareDiary's "Caregiver and Physician Conversations" which airs the last Tuesday of each month at 2PM EDT. Margery Pabst is a thought leader for both family and professional caregivers and speaks at national con

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