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Finding Emergency Respite Providers

by Jill Kagan, Respite Care Expert
May 07, 2015

Question: Who are the emergency respite providers in close enough proximity to provide assistance at any hour?

Answer: Well in advance of any emergency or crisis situation, family caregivers should make every attempt to identify in-home providers or out-of-home programs in the immediate area that will provide emergency respite. If possible, using these providers for planned respite experiences will help familiarize the care recipient to the program or provider and will also ensure that the provider is familiar with the care recipient’s special needs. Make sure that the provider or program has all necessary medical and personal information about the care recipient in advance of the emergency.

Jill Kagan, MPH, is the Director of the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center and Chair of its policy division, the National Respite Coalition. ARCH has been a leader in the areas of respite research and evaluation, training, advocacy, and consumer issues for more than twenty years.

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