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Is there a State Program for Prescription Drugs?

by Jeffrey Asher, Estate Planning Expert
April 05, 2013

Question: Is There a State Program for Prescription Drugs?

Answer: The most obvious government program to help your dad with prescription drugs is a “Medicare Part D Plan”. Medicare Part D Plans are part of the federal Medicare program. These plans help cover the costs of prescription drugs. Medicare Part D Plans are run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies.  Your dad must enroll and pay a premium. You can find more information at

For those individuals who lack insurance coverage or who are not eligible for other government programs, there are State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs. Not every state has one, so you should check to see if there is a State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program in the state in which your dad lives. The programs, called SPAPs, use state funds to pay for a portion of the costs for most prescription drugs, depending on whether your dad meets the enrollment criteria. Otherwise, some State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs offer prescription drugs at a discount because of the state’s bulk-buying power.

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Jeffrey Asher is a prominent Trusts & Estates and Elder Law attorney in Westchester County and New York City. Mr. Asher concentrates primarily in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, and Special Needs Planning. Mr. Asher provides comprehensive legal services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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