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What is Poor Brain Health?

by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Brain Health Expert
December 07, 2012

Question: What does it mean when someone is said to have ‘poor brain health’?

Answer: Brain health really refers to a brain that is positioned or shaped to function as efficiently as it can and should. By following Dr. Nussbaum’s brain health lifestyle ® you increase your chances of shaping your brain for health. Eating a brain healthy diet, remaining socially engaged and involved in meaningful pursuits, maintaining a consistent routine of physical activity, engaging the novel and complex, and applying your spiritual being to generate balance in your brain and your life is the pathway to brain health.

A brain that does not engage in such a proactive lifestyle tends to be passive, rote, and rather sedentary. Such behavior can isolate and segregate the brain leading to reduce brain resilience and a vulnerability to disease, emotional distress, or slowed motor ability. Poor brain health is a brain that is not being shaped for health and not engaged in the novel and complex.

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Dr. Nussbaum earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Arizona and completed his internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He has provided care to older adults for over 25 years and specializes in normal aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and related disorders. His brain health lifestyle ® has been published in consumer friendly texts, presented to diverse audiences across the nation, and is frequently cited in the media.

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