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The Problem of Stocking Up

Vickie Dellaquila - February 04, 2019 12:06 PM

I read in the paper that our local Sears would be closing. I also saw that Toys R Us was going out of business. As our world becomes more digital and online shopping increases, this is inevitable with brick and mortar stores.

I happened to be at Sears on the last day it was open. I saw many people with overflowing carts of clothing, shoes, and more. I wondered what they were going to do with all these items? I wondered if that person was planning on wearing all of the clothes in their cart, or maybe they were for their family. Maybe they planned to sell them online.

A voice came over the loud speaker…” Sears will be closing in one hour”. More people seem to rush to fill their carts more with items without even looking at them. I am sure they were a good price, so why not buy everything you can! I heard shoppers say “at 90% off who cares if it doesn’t fit, it is so cheap”.  There was a sense of urgency and scarcity was abundant among the shoppers. 

Yes, the items were very inexpensive and Sears wanted them gone. So why not fill your cart up?

The same thing happened at Toys R Us. People were running around with carts overflowing with toys at discount prices. Were they the toys your kids wanted or did you buy them because they were on clearance?

Many of the toys at the end of a store clearance are the toys or clothes no one wants, which is why they are still there. Yes, you may find a bargain and love it; however, some pick it up because it is on clearance. Before you buy something, consider these questions:

Where will I put this when I get home?

Do I already have one?

How many hours do I need to work to pay for this item?

Can I borrow this item from my neighbor or friend?

What if I wait 24 hours before I buy the item, will it still have pull for me to buy it?

Next time when you are in a store that is closing or having a major discounted sale, take a breath and take a little time to decide if you really want this item.  

Vickie Dellaquila is western Pennsylvania’s only Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization and owner of Organization Rules® Inc. Organization Rules provides compassionate organizing services for every stage of your life®. She is the author of Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move. Please visit

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