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Walking as a Way of Life!

Bill Case - February 12, 2018 11:03 AM

Regular exercise provides many health benefits for seniors including a stronger heart, a positive mental outlook, improved balance, and an increased chance of remaining independent.

Some Benefits of Walking:

1.     Reduced risk of dying prematurely
2.    Decreased risk of dying from heart disease Decreased risk of developing colon cancer
3.    Reduced risk of developing high blood pressure
4.    Helps in reducing blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure
5.    Decreased risk of developing diabetes
6.    Lower risk of developing hypertension
7.    Increased muscle strength, flexibility and sense of balance, all of which reduce the risk of falls
8.    Helps in controlling weight

Health experts have now discovered that regular exercise helps prevent many of the conditions that frequently are associated with a visit to the emergency room.

Regular exercise can make a difference in an older person’s life, as well as, increasing their chances of remaining independent and able to care for themselves. Exercise appears to be at the heart of maintaining functional mobility and independence and that is critical for an older person.

One way to make your walking experience more enjoyable and rewarding is with a pedometer.  I recommend the EZ-Step pedometer for your personal fitness tracker to count steps, calories and distance traveled.  Walk with a friend, set goals and make walking a fun challenge.  It is reported, that using a pedometer led to increases of approximately 775 steps/day.  So Get Started!

Bill Case is the #1 Bestselling Author of Stand Tall, Don’t Fall.  NASA astronauts, NFL, NBA and MLB Athletes, Professional Ballet Dancers, and more than 85,000 other patients over the course of his 34 year career have benefitted from his expertise in physical therapy.

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