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Holiday Memories: The Little Pink Vase

Margery Pabst Steinmetz - December 18, 2017 01:36 PM

The little pink vase was a memory made in May, 2001 with my late mother, but the remembrance of that time is always a dominant memory during the holidays.

I gave Mom a rose in a little pink vase for her last Mother’s Day, the year she was diagnosed with bone cancer.  She loved that vase, just the right size for her soft, small hand, the opaque curve in the top half providing the perfect space to grasp it.

As her disease progressed, she requested it repeatedly.  She never wanted another flower for it, just the vase sufficed.  Holding it gave her a measure of security in the midst of what she knew was to come.

Both the soft pink and size and feel of the vase were so like her.  Pastels were her favorite.  Her treasured clothing, pajamas and nightgowns, were usually soft pinks and blues.  

The soft, pink vase, embedded with memory, occupies a special spot in my home.  I plan to pass it on to the next generation and tell the story of its provenance.

Do you have objects that remind you of those who have passed on or that remind you of the moments of caregiving you gave to a loved one or friend who is still alive?  No matter the time of year you made that memory, it probably will also resonate for you during the holidays too.  I invite you to share your thoughts and memories with me on the My Caregiving Coach Facebook page.

If not, think about objects in your life that have special significance this holiday season.

What is your story about this object?  Do other family members have a memory associated with this object?  Are their perceptions different from yours?

During the coming weeks of this holiday season, sharing your memories through beloved objects will contribute to a more meaningful celebration.

Margery Pabst Steinmetz is the author of “Enrich Your Caregiving Journey” and “Words of Care.”  She is the host of “Caregivers Speak” and the Founder and Owner of, a website for caregiver resources.  She is eCareDiary’s caregiving expert.

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