Caregiver News Roundup Sunday February 28, 2010

John Mills - February 28, 2010 09:48 PM

Brain Images Suggest Alzheimer's Drug Is Working – New image technology suggests that Bapineuzumab, a new Alzheimer’s drug, is working.  Studies show the drug reduces clumps of plaque in the brain by 25% which is important because plaque is an underlying cause of Alzheimer’s. 

Ibuprofen May Reduce Parkinson's Risk
– A new study from Harvard University has found that taking Ibuprofen may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.  The research showed that people who took three or more Ibuprofen tablets a week had a 40 percent lower risk of contracting the illness than those who didn't take it.  

Video Games May Help Battle Depression in Seniors – A new study has found that “exergames,” video games that combine game playing with exercise, can help improving the symptoms of subsyndromal depression (SSD).  

Rapid Image Analysis Method Helps Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease – A study from Finland has found that MRIs of the brain can be used to diagnose Alzheimer’s quickly.  Up until this study, diagnosis of Alzheimer’s has been done by review of the symptoms without the aide of brain images.

Unmarried Older Women Twice As Likely to Be Uninsured – A new study has found that unmarried women between ages of 50-64 are twice as likely to be uninsured as their married counterparts.

Obesity, Lack of Exercise Heighten Arthritis Risk for Women – A new study in the Journal of Arthritis Care and Research has found that a combination of obesity and lack of exercise make arthritis more common amongst American women than those living in Canada.


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