eCareDiary Expert, Margery Pabst Launches New Caregiving Book, "Words of Care"!

Susan Baida - December 03, 2012 12:30 PM

eCareDiary’s caregiving expert, Margery Pabst  launches her new book, Words of Care: A Reference Tool for The Busy Caregiver. An author of four books including co-author of Enrich Your Caregiving Journey, Margery keeps the busy caregiver in mind by providing  quick bits of information..

Having written on the topic of caregiving for years, Margery’s new book is designed as short 10 minute reads on a variety of topics. Readers can find perfect entries to fit the moment, get advice, an exercise or just an affirmation of the range of emotions and obstacles that they might be going through.

Some of the topics that she touches upon in the five-chapter book, are:

•    Caregiver Assessment ~ How are you, the caregiver, doing in this often trying role?
•    Asking For Help ~ How do you manage the demands by reaching out to others?
•    Dealing With Your Emotions ~ Are you in touch with how you feel about your role?
•    Managing Family Dynamics ~ How involved is everyone? How is the family doing?
•    Supporting Professional Caregivers ~ As doctors, nurses, therapists… how do you manage the emotions of your caregiving experience?

The 89-page reference guide priced at $6.99 is broken down by pointed title entries, which allows the caregiver to quickly and easily find the material most useful to them in the moment. “Words of Care” is available on and the Kindle store, making it easily accessible for all caregivers.

As an expert in the field, and former caregiver herself, Margery Pabst works with corporations, medical institutions, and caregiver support associations, to guide and counsel caregivers on the challenges they face. Margery is the host of two radio shows sponsored by  Caregivers Speak! and Caregiver and Physician Conversations. (Tuesdays at 2pm) Margery Pabst is also the Founder and President of The Pabst Foundation whose mission is to encourage innovative and interdisciplinary conversations for long term impact on community.  Access her information at or at

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