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03/27/15 02:00 PM EDT  Moving Towards an Age-Friendly World
The World Health Organization launched the Global Age-Friendly Cities Project to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population. This video highlights the 8 areas that can help eliminate barriers to seniors.

03/13/15 02:00 PM EDT  Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2015
Healthcare is on the verge of a major overhaul. This video highlights the top trends that aim at consistent, coordinated and connected care.

02/27/15 12:00 PM EDT  Recreational Therapy for Seniors
February is Recreational Therapy Month. The purpose of therapy is to improve functioning and well-being of those with illnesses.

02/13/15 12:00 PM EDT  Heart Diseases in Seniors
February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. This video highlights symptoms, treatments and preventive measures you can take to keep your heart healthy.

02/11/15 12:00 PM EDT  How Culture Change Benefits Seniors
eCareDiary spoke to Pastor Gary Gibson, national speaker serving at North Buffalo Presbyterian Church in PA about the difference between person centered and person directed care.

02/04/15 12:00 PM EDT  Natural Healing with Clinical Aromatherapy
eCareDiary spoke to Bobbi Kolonay, president of Options for Elder Care, a holistic life care management practice, about how clinical aromatherapy can work with modern medicine in the healing process.

02/02/15 12:00 PM EDT  Connected Health Highlights at CES 2015
CES more commonly known as the Consumer and Electronics Show is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show. The key theme for this year was connected health technology with many devices launched to help seniors age-in-place comfortably.

12/19/14 02:00 PM EDT  Caregiver Stress During the Holidays
December is the month of festivities and joy but also a period of additional stress for caregivers handling responsibilities of aging loved ones. This video highlights the toll stress takes on caregivers and tips to ensure your holidays are peaceful.

12/17/14 02:00 PM EDT  Mindful Eating Tips for Caregivers
eCareDiary spoke to Dr. Jaclyn Herring, Clinical Psychologist, about how caregiving affects eating habits and the importance of mindful eating.

12/05/14 02:00 PM EDT  Understanding HIV/AIDS
Dec 1st, 2014 was World AIDS Day. This video highlights statistics and progression of the disease along with examining the symptoms, tests and resources available to those suffering and for caregivers.

12/03/14 02:00 PM EDT  Healthcare Industry Trends for 2015
eCareDiary spoke to Erin Hart, Director of Health Benefit Services with American HealthCare Group about healthcare trends for 2015 and wellness programs to help the local economy.

11/28/14 02:00 PM EDT  Hope with Hospice
November is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month. This video highlights how hospice care is provided and by whom along with resources beneficial to those caring for loved ones nearing end of life.

11/21/14 02:00 PM EDT  Celebrating Family Caregivers
November is National Family Caregivers Month. This video highlights the challenges facing caregivers and important resources to help support their efforts.

11/14/14 02:00 PM EDT  Navigating the Aging Process with a Geriatric Care Manager
eCareDiary spoke to Randi Rubin, Owner of Golden Years Management that provides medical, financial, mental health and other resources to family caregivers.

11/06/14 02:00 PM EDT  Support Services from the Cancer Caring Center
eCareDiary spoke to Stephanie Samolovitch, Director of Support Services at Cancer Caring Center about it's unique features and programs benefiting family caregivers.

10/24/14 02:00 PM EDT  Healing and Comforting Seniors with Animal Therapy
eCareDiary spoke to Ed DeLancey, Founder and owner of Healing Hearts Animal Therapy Intl, that focuses on bringing comfort to seniors with illnesses or in assisted living facilities, with animal therapy.

10/16/14 02:00 PM EDT  Resources by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Programs for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
eCareDiary interviewed Devon Evans, Public Services Librarian for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh about it's programs for the blind and physically handicapped and additional offerings for the community.

10/09/14 02:00 PM EDT  Protecting Your Family with Long Term Care Planning
eCareDiary spoke to Mike Ocilka, Co-creator of LTCEPP, an educational program providing services in planning for long term care and the costs involved.

10/03/14 02:00 PM EDT  Recognizing & Dealing with Hoarding Issues Among Seniors
eCareDiary will speak to Vickie Dellaquila, author and owner of Organization Rules Inc about reasons behind hoarding among seniors and ways to help them deal with it.

09/25/14 02:00 PM EDT  Caregiver Resources from the American Diabetes Association
eCareDiary spoke to Terri Seidman, Associate Director of the American Diabetes Association of Western Pennsylvania about it's resources, research projects and advocacy programs for those suffering from the disease.

09/24/14 02:00 PM EDT  Advocacy & Resources for the Working Caregiver
eCareDiary spoke to Jeff Weinberg, Founder of Senior Assistance, a geriatric advocacy agency about issues plaguing the working caregiver and employer programs to assist them.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Rev Eric J. Hall, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Rev. Eric J. Hall, President and CEO of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, a national health care organization dedicated to providing spiritual support to those in distress from illness.Click here for the website - www.healthcarechaplaincy.org.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Naomi Goldberg Haas, Dances for a Variable Population, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Naomi Goldberg Haas, Artistic Director at Dances for a Variable Population that promoted strong and creative movement among people of all ages.Click here for the website - www.dvpnyc.org.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Marie Ellen Galasso, SNAP, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Marie Ellen Galasso of Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc (SNAP) about services and resources offered by The Caregiver Program.Click here for the website - www.snapqueens.org.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Dr.Tina Maschi, Fordham Graduate School of Social Service, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Dr. Tina Maschi, associate professor at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service about caregiving as a human rights and social justice issue.Click here for the website - http://www.fordham.edu

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Dr. Fritz Galette, AskDrFritz.com, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Dr. Fritz Galette, psychologist and host of Ask Dr. Fritz Show that provides therapeutic approaches to caregiving.Click here for the website - www.askdrfritz.com.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Adriane Berg, Super Aging NJ, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Adriane Berg, publisher of Super Aging NJ and host of radio show, SuperAgingNJ.com about a hyperlocal news publication for caregivers and seniors that has received a grant from the State of New Jersey. Click here for the website - www.superagingnj.com.

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Sheila Warnock, Share the Care, Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Sheila Warnock, co-author and one of the pioneers of the grassroots caregiving model, Share the Care. Click here for the website - www.sharethecare.org

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Carol Levine, United Hospital Fund, at Family Caregiving Summit at NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Carol Levine, Director, Families and Health Care Project at United Hospital Fund, about transitions from hospital to home. Click here for the website - www.nextstepincare.org

04/30/14 02:00 PM EDT  Connie Goldman, Radio Producer and Author, The Gifts of Caregiving, Family Caregiving Summit, NYAM
eCareDiary interviewed Connie Goldman, an award-winning radio producer, reporter and author of "Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer", "Who Am I Now That I'm Not Who I Was?" and "The Gifts of Caregiving-Stories of Hardship, Hope and Healing" about her passion for being involved in the issues of aging.

07/26/12 02:00 PM EDT  Getting Your Financial House in Order: Estate Planning for Caregivers and Seniors
eCareDiary interviewed Ronald Fatoullah, managing attorney of Ronald Fatoullah & Associates, a law firm that concentrates in elder law, trusts and estates and special needs about essential documents every senior needs to have and measures to protect assets for long-term care.

06/14/12 01:00 PM EDT  Read Aloud Books for Memory Challenged Adults
eCareDiary interviewed Lydia Burdick, author of the Two-Lap Books series, a unique resource for caregivers to engage with older adults with memory impairments allowing for enhanced communication and discovery of the joy of being together.

05/10/12 01:00 PM EDT  Using the Power of Words in the Caregiving Journey
eCareDiary interviewed Allen Klein, MA, professional speak on therapeutic humor and author of 17 books including, "Inspiration for a Lifetime" and "Change Your Life!" that focus on how words can be used by caregivers to lift spirits and improve lives.

03/22/12 01:00 PM EDT  Seeing Alzheimer's Differently : A New Approach to Care
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Cathy Greenblat,  sociologist with a PhD from Columbia University, Artist in Residence at the University Hospital Network of Nice, France and author of "Love, Loss & Laughter : Seeing Alzheimer's Differently", that focuses on changing the imagery of illness and dying through the power of photography.

03/15/12 01:00 PM EDT  Is Alzheimer's Disease on the Rise?
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn speaks to Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of Alzheimer's Disease International, that works locally by empowering Alzheimer's associations offer care and support for people with dementia.

01/19/12 01:00 PM EDT  Decreasing Falls with Custom Made Fall Prevention Orthotics
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Christopher Gizzi of Fall Prevention Associates Inc, that has created a Fall Prevention Program designed to give nursing home administrators and owners a proactive approach to decreasing falls with specific custom made orthotics.

12/15/11 01:00 PM EDT  When Your Parent Moves In: Tips for Caregivers
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to David Horgan, award-winning medical educator, filmmaker and author of "When Your Parent Moves", about what to do, what not to do and what can happen when seniors need to relocate to their childrens' homes.

12/08/11 01:00 PM EDT  Role of an Audiologist in Your Senior's Care Plan
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Dr. Allison Hoffmann, co-owner of Advanced Hearing Center that specializes in diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology utilizing the latest technology including the most advanced hearing instruments available that can help seniors with problems related to hearing loss.

12/01/11 01:00 PM EDT  Dealing with Caregiver Denial about a Senior's Condition

eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Viki Kind, clinical bioethicist and author of "The Caregivers Path to Compassionate Decision-Making: Making Choices for Those Who Can't", about how to handle denial on caregivers' part about the seriousness of a senior's condition.

11/17/11 01:00 PM EDT  Ways to Ensure Smooth Home Transitions and Downsizing for Seniors
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Dr. Adrian Walter-Ginzburg, President & CEO of CaringTransitions, that helps caregivers and seniors with de-cluttering, home safety, moving, estate sales and liquidations.

11/10/11 01:00 PM EDT  Caregiver Programs Offered by the Hudson Valley Hospital Foundation, New York
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Christine Sotmary, Life Coach, Acupuncturist and creator of caregiver programs at the Hudson Valley Hospital Foundation, NY that helps caregivers get the information they need to make lives easier and give themselves a break.

11/03/11 01:00 PM EDT  Building Connections with Seniors Through Storytelling
eCareDiary's, Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Adam Wilson and Krisi Packer of StoryCorps, an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide people the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of their lives.

10/27/11 01:00 PM EDT  Dealing with Your Senior's Fear of Aging
eCareDiary's Co-founder, John Mills spoke to Ali Davidson, a former owner of an in-home care agency and the author of It's Between You and Me, a life manual designed to help adult children and their parents create a plan for their elder years.

10/20/11 01:00 PM EDT  Understanding Medicare Coverage Options
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to John Mills, Co-founder of eCareDiary.com about Medicare Coverage Options best suited for the needs of senior citizens.

10/13/11 01:00 PM EDT  Technology Trends for Baby Boomers and Seniors
eCareDiary's Co-founder, John Mills spoke to Jim Blue, CEO of BlueTutor.com that focuses on one-on-one computer training and providing information on technology trends so seniors and caregivers can be empowered to assess their technology needs to make life simpler.

09/15/11 01:00 PM EDT  Why Caregivers and Seniors Need to Take a Home Evaluation Test
eCareDiary's Co-founder John Mills spoke to Laura Montllor, Founder and Executive Director of HomeFreeHome, an all-volunteer group of architects who design accessible home renovation projects for people with disabilities and seniors.

09/08/11 01:00 PM EDT  Training Tools for LGBT Aging Issues
eCareDiary's Co-founder, John Mills spoke to Doreen Bermudez, National Training Coordinator of the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, that provides critical information and tools to aging providers, LGBT organizations, LGBT older adults and their loved ones.

09/01/11 01:00 PM EDT  How can an Elder Law Attorney Help Caregivers and Seniors?
eCareDiary's Director of Events, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Jeffrey Asher, Elder Law Attorney and Head of the Elder Care Practice at Eaton & Van Winkle LLP in New York City about vital aspects of long term care planning for seniors.

08/03/11 10:30 AM EDT  Senior Holistic Living Founder Announces New Age of Caregiving Symposium in Tampa, Florida
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Kim Linder, Founder of Senior Holistic Living, a resource center for elders, about the New Age Caregiving Symposium to be held in Tampa, Florida, on September 23rd, 2011.

07/29/11 02:00 PM EDT  Acupuncture Healing Techniques for Caregivers
eCareDiary's Co-founder, John Mills spoke to Bruce Mandelbaum, L. Ac, LMT, licensed Acupuncturist who focused on healing techniques to help caregivers manage stress and begin on the journey of self-care.  

07/22/11 02:00 PM EDT  Coaching for Caregivers and the Elderly
eCareDiary's Co-founder spoke to Paula Grooms, Certified Life Coach and Senior Care Consultant who provides effective solutions to navigate the care and services needed for the elderly.

07/15/11 02:00 PM EDT  Hospitalization Risks for Seniors
eCareDiary's Co-founder, John Mills spoke to Eric Rackow, MD, President & CEO of SeniorBridge, a national health company that provides integrated care management and direct care by licensed nurse and social work care managers and caregivers in the homes of seniors.

07/14/11 02:00 PM EDT  Fueling Your Caregiving Journey
eCareDiary's caregiving expert and author of "Enrich Your Caregiving Journey", Magery Pabst, speaks at Project Compassion's caregiver symposium on April 29th, 2011.

07/08/11 02:00 PM EDT  Support Groups for Caregivers
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Craig Jennings, Founder of Caring for the Caregiver, that creates support groups in collaboration with community organizations.

07/01/11 02:00 PM EDT  Nutrition for Long Term Care and Wellness
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to John Reaves, Co-founder of CareLab, both of which focus on societal issues and projects such as The Cooking for Caregiving project related to nutrition in caregiving, long term and home care issues.

06/24/11 02:00 PM EDT  Caregiver Resources Offered by Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc (SNAP)
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Marie Ellen Galasso, Director of Social Services & Megan Isenberg, Director of The Caregiving Program for Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc (SNAP), discuss the services offered by The Caregiver Program and the New York City Caregivers Coalition.

06/15/11 07:00 PM EDT  Elder Abuse in America
From http://www.witness.org/ and http://www.ncoa.org/ | An Age for Justice; Elder Abuse in America, a video produced by the Elder Justice Now campaign, shows the families and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by elder abuse. The video provides stark proof of the financial, emotional, and physical and psychological impact of the violence and abuse that an estimated five million Americans face every day.

06/10/11 02:00 PM EDT  Fitness Programs and Exercises to Improve Physical Performance of Seniors
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Jae Gruenke, Founder of Intelligent Exercise, that helps caregivers and seniors improve physical performance and quality of life through fitness programs and workshops.

06/03/11 02:00 PM EDT  Conducting a Food Life Review for Seniors
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Adriane Berg, CEO of Generation Bold, an international consulting firm serving the healthcare and successful aging markets as well as spokesperson for Golden Cuisine, devoted to providing nutritious cuisine for older adults.

05/27/11 02:00 PM EDT  Denise Brown discusses Resources Offered by Caregiving.com & Trends in the Health Industry
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Denise Brown, Founder of Caregiving.com, that provides information and support to family caregivers and author of four caregiving books including "The Caregiving Years'.

05/20/11 02:00 PM EDT  Author Allen Klein on Therapeutic Humor for Caregivers and Seniors
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida will speak to Allen Klein, MA, professional speaker on the subject of therapeutic humor and author of "The Healing Power of Humor" and "Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying".

05/09/11 02:00 PM EDT  Susan Walker of Smart Silvers Alliance discusses Aging Technology for Seniors
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamiton interviews Susan Ayres Walker, Managing Director of SmartSilvers Alliance, that promotes the awareness, development and deployment of innovative, consumer friendly products and technology-leveraged services catering to cater to the needs of the senior population.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

05/06/11 02:00 PM EDT  What You Don't Know about Elder Abuse
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton interviews Mary Twomey, Co-director of the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect at the University of California, Irvine.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

05/05/11 02:00 PM EDT  Preventing Depression and Suicide among the Elderly
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton interviews Dr. Patrick Arbore, Founder and Director of The Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention and Grief Related Services, a program now of the Institute of Aging.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

05/04/11 02:00 PM EDT  Resources Offered by National Family Caregivers Association
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton interviews Lisa Winstel, Chief Operating Officer of National Family Caregivers Association.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

05/03/11 02:00 PM EDT  Connecting with Your Elders through Telikin, a Easy-to-Use Family Computer
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton interviews Cheryl Lewis, Director of Sales at Venture 3 Systems – Telikin, a simple and easy-to-use family computer that combines video chat, photo sharing and email to keep you connected with your elders and other loved ones.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

05/02/11 02:00 PM EDT  Resources Offered by the Cancer Support Community's Caregiving Programs
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton interviews Ashley Varner, Senior Director, Caregiving Programs for the Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club World Wide), a non-profit organization providing support, education and hope for people affected by cancer at over 100 locations worldwide and online.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

04/28/11 02:00 PM EDT  Rosalynn Carter Institute Recommendations to Avoid Caregiving Crisis
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton spoke to Laura Granberry, Director of National Initiatives at Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving that focuses on long-term, home and community-based services.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

04/27/11 02:00 PM EDT  AARP's Person and Family-Centered Care Recommendations
eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Jane Hamilton spoke to Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President at AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), directing its Public Policy Institute.
To learn more about Jane Hamilton, visit Partners on the Path at www.partnersonthepath.org.

04/15/11 02:00 PM EDT  What is Geriatric Home-Based Occupational Therapy?
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida will talk to Nicholas Lampiasi, Senior Regional Director of New York City/Long Island for Fox Rehabilitation, a private practice of physical, occupational and speech therapists who provide Geriatric House Calls.

04/08/11 02:00 PM EDT  Jane Meier Hamilton discusses Partner son the Path, about Caring for the Caregiver
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Jane Meier Hamilton, Founder of Partners on the Path, a website devoted to helping professional and family caregivers and author of "Journey of a Lifetime: The Caregiver's Guide to Self-Care", that teaches sensible, effective ways to cope with the stress around caregiving.

04/01/11 11:00 AM EDT  Dr. John Zeisel on Innovative Approaches to Alzheimer's Care
eCareDiary's Co-founder, Susan Baida will talk to Dr. John Zeisel, President of Hearthstone Alzheimer Care and Hearthstone Alzheimer's Family Foundation that manages six unique assisted living treatment residences for people living with Alzheimer's.

03/25/11 02:00 PM EDT  What is Patient Advocacy for Caregivers and Seniors?
eCare Diary's Events & Community Outreach Director, Polly Whitehorn spoke to Jacqueline O'Doherty, certified Patient Advocate and Owner of HealthCare Connect LLC, that makes patients aware of their rights and coordinates senior care.

03/18/11 02:00 PM EDT  Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga Practices for Caregivers and Seniors
eCare Diary Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida spoke to Nancy O'Brien, certified yoga instructor specializing in therapeutic and restorative practices about the benefits of evidence-based mind-body practices.

03/11/11 02:00 PM EDT  Geriatrician Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson on Energy Healing Exercises for Senior and Caregiver Health
eCare Diary Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida spoke to Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, recognized leader in the field of energy healing about traditional healing exercises that raise awareness of energetic anatomy and maximize its power for health and vitality.

03/04/11 02:00 PM EDT  Dale Carter discusses Transitioning Your Aging Parent
eCare Diary's Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida spoke to Dale Carter, author of Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change, about her ADAPT framework that helps families navigate the inevitable crises and changes their aging parents face.

02/25/11 02:00 PM EDT  Jack Halpern on Elder Advocacy to Protect the Rights of Seniors and Caregivers
eCare Diary's Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida spoke to Jack Halpern, Founder & CEO of My Elder Advocate, that assists elders and their families with drafting blueprints for their future and helping them protect their rights.

02/18/11 02:00 PM EDT  Care Transition Models to Improve Health Outcomes of Elders
eCare Diary's Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida interviews Amy Berman, Senior Program Officer at John A.Hartford Foundation, about care transition models to improve health outcomes of older adults.

02/11/11 02:00 PM EDT  Resources Offered by The National Center on LGBT Aging
eCare Diary's Co-founder and CMO, Susan Baida talks to Hilary Meyer, Director of the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, about the issues faced by the LGBT community and the services provided by the Resource Center.

02/04/11 02:00 PM EDT  How to Deal with Challenges of Vision Loss Amongst Elders
eCare Diary's Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida interviews Janet Weinstein, Director of Outreach for Lighthouse International, a non-profit organization that helps people overcome challenges experienced by vision loss.

01/28/11 02:00 PM EDT  How Your Local Alzheimer's Association Can Help

eCare Diary's Co-Founder & CMO, Susan Baida talks to Matt Kudish, VP at The Alzheimer's Association about the services the organization provides to those suffering from the disease and caregivers who help them through it.

01/21/11 02:00 PM EDT  Organizational Tips for Caregivers to De-Clutter Their Lives
eCare Diary's Co-founder, Susan Baida spoke to Andrew Mellen, author of Unstuff Your Life!, a book that offers real, praactical solutions to everything from clutter and feeling overwhelmed to hard-core hoarding. Learn step-by-step how to simplify your life and get time back for what's really important.

01/14/11 02:00 PM EDT  Sheila Warnock on How to Form a Care Support Group
Co-founder & CMO of eCare Diary, Susan Baida talks to Sheila Warnock, Founder & President of ShareTheCaregiving Inc, a non-profit organization that focuses on educating those making caregiving decisions and offering a step-by-step model for creating support groups for the caring process.

12/17/10 02:00 PM EDT  Author Cathie Borrie on Dealing with the Reality of Alzheimer's
Co-founder & CMO of eCare Diary, Susan Baida interviews Cathie Borrie, author of renowned books on Alzheimer's, "The Long Hello-The Other Side of Alzheimer's" and "Looking Into Your Voice-The Poetic and Eccentric Realities of Alzheimer's about her experience as a caregiver to her mother who suffered from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and how writing has helped her educate those in similar situations.

12/05/10 02:00 PM EDT  Francine Russo on Managing Sibling Relationships in the Caregiving Process
eCareDiary co-founder Susan Baida and Francine Russo, author of They're Your Parents Too!, speak about caregiving and sibling relationships.

11/24/10 02:00 PM EDT  Thanksgiving Message from eCare Diary CEO, John Mills
eCare Diary Co-Founder, John Mills talks about the importance of Thanksgiving and how caregivers can take this opportunity to make this a wonderful day for themselves and their loved ones.

11/19/10 02:00 PM EDT  Using Poetry to Connect with People with Dementia
eCare Diary's Co-founder & CMO, Susan Baida talks to Gary Glazner, Founder of The Alzheimer's Poetry Project that focuses on using poetry to connect with people living with dementia.

11/17/10 02:00 PM EDT  You'll Be Alright Video for Caregivers by eCareDiary CEO, John Mills
You'll Be Alright Video Campaign for Caregiving.com by John Mills, Co-Founder & CEO of eCare Diary

10/15/10 02:00 PM EDT  How to Connect Elder and Younger Generations while Caregiving
John Mills interviews Michael McQueen, Founder of Next Gen, an organization that helps generations connect and learn from each other.

10/12/10 02:00 PM EDT  Proven Brain Fitness Games for Seniors
John Mills interviews Rick Sill, Co-founder of Dakim Brain Fitness, a company that offers brain fitness games to help aging loved ones exercise their brain and prolong the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's.

10/12/10 02:00 PM EDT  Laurie Orlov discusses Aging in Place Technology for Seniors
eCareDiary interviews Laurie Orlov, founder of Aging In Place Technology Watch that tracks the technology for boomers, caregivers and seniors so they can stay in their own homes for a longer period of time.

10/12/10 02:00 PM EDT  Tackling Driving Issues Amongst Our Elders
eCare Diary interviews Jodi Olshevski, who leads the Hartford's Advanced 50s Team, a nationally-recognized gerontology group and talks abut the older driving issues.

10/07/10 02:00 PM EDT  Author Missy Buchanan discusses Faith and Spirituality in Caregiving
eCareDiary interviews Missy Buchanan, author of Talking With God in Old Age who talks about her motivations for writing her books and why she focuses on faith and spirituality.

10/07/10 02:00 PM EDT  Dementia Simulation Kit Offers Realistic Patient Experiences
eCareDiary interviews PK Beville, Founder & CEO of Second Wind Dreams, (a non-profit organization that focuses on innovative educational programming and dreamweaving for elders), about the virtual dementia tour program.

10/07/10 02:00 PM EDT  Margery Pabst discusses her Book, "How to Enrich Your Caregiving Journey"
eCareDiary interviews Margery Pabst, speaker, facilitator and author of Enrich your Caregiving Journey at AARP Conference, Orlando.

10/03/10 02:00 PM EDT  AARP's Elinor Ganzler Shares New Caregiving Initiatives
eCare Diary interviews Elinor Ginzler, Senior VP of the Office of Social Impact, AARP and co-author of "Caring for Your Parents" who dicusses the AARP caregiving initiative that focuses on honoring those who are caring for their family and friends.

07/04/10 02:00 PM EDT  Hospice Resources for End-of-Life Decision-Making Caregivers
eCareDiary.com Interviews Viki Kind on end-of-life decision making for those who can't. Part 4 covers Hospice & Steps Caregivers Can Take.

07/03/10 02:00 PM EDT  Caregivers' Path to Compassionate End-of-Life Decision-Making
eCareDiary.com Interviews Viki Kind on end-of-life decision making for those who can't. Part 3 covers Viki's thoughts on the "best worst decision".

07/03/10 02:00 PM EDT  Tools and Advanced Directives for End-of-Life Decision-Making
 eCareDiary.com Interviews Viki Kind on end-of-life decision making for those who can't. Part 2 covers Viki's Tools & Advanced Directives.

07/03/10 02:00 PM EDT  Introduction to End-of-Life Decision-Making and Bioethics
eCareDiary.com Interviews Viki Kind on end-of-life decision making for those who can't. ife Decision Making for Those Who Can't. Part 1 covers Introduction & Bioethics.

10/03/09 02:00 PM EDT  Welcome Video by eCareDiary.com CEO, John Mills
Welcome video from eCareDiary.com founder John Mills.

06/29/09 02:00 PM EDT  Care Diary Instructional Video for Caregivers and Seniors
eCare Diary's Co-Founder & CMO, Susan Baida's instructional video shows people how to setup an appointment in the Care Diary.

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