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Have You Selected the Right Area for Your Home Office?

By Jim Blue
June 29

Selecting the right location for your home office is critical. Chances are that you already use a computer at home and have set up an area for the computer, printer, etc. However, using a computer for personal use is substantially different from using it for business purposes. A business office requires a private environment, with no traffic and noise. While I realize that many of you have space limitations, particularly those of us that live in an apartment, you need to avoid an area that is a walk through, has a dishwasher running and other diversions. Pick a bedroom, if necessary, and close the door while you are working. Once you have decided on a location, be sure that you have Internet access.  Most of you probably have a wireless network at home. If this is the case, there is no limit on how many computers can access the Internet through the network. You don’t need a separate account with an additional modem and router. The main issue is whether you can obtain a strong signal in your designated work area. The range of a wireless network is several hundred feet.  However, thick walls and floors such as those that exist in prewar (World War 2) structures will encounter “dead areas.” If this is the case, boosters can be installed to carry the signal to your office area. Now that you have selected a nice quiet, remote area to work, desk location needs to be addressed.  You don’t want to face a window or have it in back of you.  The glare from the outside will make it very difficult to see the monitor.  Although it would be nice to be able to view the park and the birds, make sure you are either facing a wall or have it behind you. Do not take this advice lightly!! An acquaintance of mine told me that she had her desk in front of a window with a marvelous view for years. Now her eyesight has deteriorated. Make sure you avoid excessive light and glare. Jim Blue is the CEO and owner of He is a technology adviser, personal computer tutor, author, professional speaker, and the host of “The Keeping Technology Simple” BlogTalkRadio Program. Jim has 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. Prior to establishing, he was a senior executive in the consumer products field and has extensive international business experience. If you found this article useful, please click the “Share This” icon below to make it available to your family and friends.

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