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Care Diary: A One-Stop Solution to Manage Complex Caregiving

By Meghana Giridhar
August 25

According to “Caregiving in the US 2015”, a joint research report between the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, the typical higher-hour caregiver, who provides unpaid care for at least 21 hours a week, has been caregiving for an average of 5-1/2 years. Family caregivers also typically have a heavy load of responsibilities and juggle multiple roles when it comes to family and work. They are considered the silent backbone of healthcare in our country. On a daily basis, the caregiving process involves complex tasks such as: •    Researching and understanding conditions affecting a loved one •    Managing doctor’s appointments •    Managing medications •    Finding assistance and services •    Handling finances     •    Shopping for specialized equipment that may be required by the caree •    Coordinating legalities •    Keeping other family members abreast of the situation •    Getting the right kind of support eCareDiary, a web community created based on the founders experiences as caregivers for their parents, is here to help with its unique solution called the Care Diary. Winner of the 2010 New Product and Technology Award by the Mature Market Resource Center, the Care Diary is a set of online tools designed to make care coordination and sharing of information easy amongst the family’s care circle. The Care Diary is a private resource to tackle the day-to-day challenges of caregiving. It’s your personal online calendar that helps you: •    Manage doctors' appointments •    Manage and track medications for your elders and get reminders •    Organize important legal documents and insurance plans •    Coordinate care between family members through the Care Circle, a private and secure place accessible to only those you provide login information to •    Share updates and photos through the Journal Featured in AARP’s ’11 Technologies You’ll Want Now!” as well as in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, the Care Diary can help family caregivers take control, get organized and become better managers of their loved ones' care. To learn more, view this short video demonstration or register here and start your free account today. Meghana Giridhar serves as Content Manager and is part of eCareDiary's founding team. In her role, she oversees and edits content across all of eCareDiary's media platforms.

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