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Planning a Perfect 4th of July for Seniors

By Meghana Giridhar
June 30

This Saturday, everyone will be celebrating independence day. This day conjures up images of parades, barbecues, fireworks, concerts and most importantly, family activities. How nice would it be to make this a special day for our elderly loved ones too?  Here are some ideas to involve and liven up the day for seniors, whether they live close to family or in assisted living facilities. •    Organizing a potluck breakfast for your loved one and his or her friends is a great way to begin the day. It is best to choose a location that is not too inconvenient for people to get to. Cooking and eating together is a sure shot way to garner enthusiasm and start off the day on the right note. Ensuring some kind of physical activity post breakfast will keep the momentum going.  Here are some suggestions: •    Instead of an elaborate day trip that involves too much planning, something simple like a crafts project can work for most seniors. Having a patriotic theme and creating simple crafts such as hats, pins or painting is a fun activity. For those who are more active, one can organize a small project such as a neighborhood tree-planting event. This will help with mental stimulation and keep boredom at bay by giving them an opportunity to socialize with new people. •    Involving kids in senior activities has many benefits and the best way to engage both is through story telling. Kids can read to seniors but another way of making this more interesting is to have seniors tell stories from their time. Most children are fascinated by history and it’s an ideal way for seniors to take a trip down memory lane. •    Adding songs to this mix will only make the day even more fun.  Seniors can have a singing session or to choose a DVD of a concert or musical and watch with friends. •    Everyone loves board games! Choose simple games that don’t take a lot of time. Including small prizes such a gift certificates will surely delight seniors. •    A much-appreciated surprise can be organizing a barbecue for seniors in a convenient spot where they can watch the fireworks. Ending this day on a high note will make all the difference to elderly loved ones. It is important to be aware of restrictions seniors might have while choosing Fourth of July activities. They should be enjoyable and stimulating but not taxing.  Involve them while planning so they feel included. Align your choices with your loved one’ capabilities and be rest assured it will be a day that will bring happiness and become a treasured memory. Meghana Giridhar serves as Content Coordinator and is part of eCareDiary's founding team.  In her role, she oversees and edits content across all of eCareDiary's media platforms. If you found this article useful, please click the “Share This” icon below to make it available to your family and friends.

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