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NCCA's Creative Caregiving Guide: Building Caregiver Wellness

By Margery Pabst Steinmetz

During the past two months, I've hosted two shows on the "Caregivers Speak" radio show. (See archives "Creative Caregiving at Atlantic Center for the Arts" on September 13 and "A Great Way To Spend Time With Your Care Partner" on October 11.  On both shows, we heard about NCCA's Creative Caregiving Guide, ways to use it for yourself, your care partner and your community as well as ways to advocate for it and get it started in your community. The CCG tools help caregivers find respite, combat boredom and build quality days with their families.  The focus is your caregiver wellness but there are also reciprocal advantages for your care partner. I hope you listen to those archives and consider the following tips for using the CCG: -Begin by visiting the website where you will find information under "creative caregiving."  There you will find the National Center for Creative Aging training videos describing the easy use of the creative exercises for you and your care partner.  Or you may just want to dive in and try some of the creative suggestions! -Consider the many benefits of using the CCG from stimulating your thinking about other creative and fun things you can do at home besides watching the television. -Observe your caregiving emotions and determine if bringing creativity into your caregiving provides a boost in mood and outlook. -Observe your caregiving partner and consider his/her mood.  Does creativity bring joy, fun and great memories to you both? Even though much of the caregiving role is hectic, moments of tremendous boredom and loneliness occur.  My experience is that using any form of creativity can help to dispel boredom, loneliness and even grief. My wish is that you and your care partner have more quality days filled with meaning and memory. Margery Pabst Steinmetz, Founder of, Margery is eCareDiary's Caregiving Expert and the host of two radio shows supported by ECareDiary:  "Caregivers Speak" and "Caregiver and Physician Conversations."  Visit Margery's website where you will find a multitude of resources for caregiver wellness.

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Radio Show

Radio Show

How to Maintain and Find Happiness while Being a Caregiver

November 15

eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst Steinmetz will speak to Dr. Diane Robinson, PhD, Program Director, Integrative Medicine, UF Cancer Center, Orlando Health, Orlando Regional Medical Center about the power of positive psychology and tips to build happiness into caregiving situations.

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