Caregiver News Roundup Sunday December 6, 2009
Home Health Care Payment Changes Generate Concern – Planned reductions in Medicare home health care payments included in health reform are raising concerns because Medicare patients are the biggest users of these services.  

Smoking Increases the Risk of Colorectal Cancer – A new study shows that long time smokers are at a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Muscle Cell Infusion Shown to Help with Incontinence – A new study has found that cells grown in labs have helped animals intestines shut properly again.  If successful in humans, this treatment could help people suffering from fecal incontinence and acid reflux disease.

Constipation Maybe an Early Sign of Parkinson’s Disease – A study by the Mayo Clinic has found that people suffering from Parkinson’s disease are twice as likely to have a history of constipation than people who do not have the illness.

Understanding Which Vitamins Are Worth the Money – Americans take many vitamin supplements.  However, many people take vitamins they don’t need which not only can cost you money but may not be good for you.

Apathy Common in Patients with Dementia – A recent study has found that apathy is one of the most common psychological problems affecting people with dementia.  More than half of patients suffering from the disease lack motivation and initiative.

Too Much Exercise May Increase Risk for Arthritis – A new study has found that middle aged people who exercise a lot may be putting their knees at risk for Osteoarthritis.

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