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My eighty-eight-year-old father was a victim of manufactured mania, the result of being given three different antipsychotic drugs every day for a ministroke. “Rendering him helpless and defenseless, the mind-altering drugs shackled Daddy to dementia. As if it were a holding pen for rotting trash, authorities in the nursing home system dispensed him to that dark cell. There his alcoholic personality emerged. “Before I dare hope changes would be made for my father’s good, I had to fight back advancing fears nurtured in an alcoholic family. Daddy knew nothing of that or my daily battles with health care providers for his well-being. My heart’s desire throughout was that my father believes he is and always was important, worthy, and deserving of love.” The above is the introduction to my caregiving trials, which I share in Before the Door Closes: A Daughter’s Journey with Her Alcoholic Father ( My prayer is that my story brings healing to hurting hearts everywhere.

By judyjourneys on October 10, 2014 - 04:22 PM

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