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Dietary Restrictions When Dealing with Gastroparesis

by Crystal Saltrelli, Gastroparesis Expert
December 05, 2019

Question: What are some dietary restrictions when it comes to gastroparesis?


There is no one-size-fits-all gastroparesis-friendly diet but there are a number of guidelines that most people find helpful.   


The basics are: 


-        Eat smaller, more frequent meals.  Typically a gastroparesis-friendly meal will be about half the size of a "normal" meal.   


-        Reduce both dietary fat and fiber, avoiding fatty meats, fried foods, raw vegetables, beans, etc. 


 - Limit foods with indigestible parts, like skins, seeds, and peels. 


Of note, how you eat can be just as important as what you eat.  Chewing food thoroughly is important for anyone with gastroparesis as it reduces the workload of the stomach.  In addition, eating slowly and in a relaxed environment can help facilitate digestion. 

Crystal Saltrelli is an author, educator, and Certified Health Coach helping people worldwide learn to live WELL with gastroparesis.

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