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Motivating a Reluctant Senior

by Sharkie Zartman, Empowered Aging Expert
March 07, 2019

Question: My aging mother just got out of the hospital. She seems listless and anxious. I am trying to help my aging mother get out and do stuff to cheer herself up. But she always turns down my suggestions. Can you suggest ways to inspire her to not have a "give up" attitude?


This is a tough one.  I know that when I recently got out of the hospital for a major surgery, I needed to have time to heal and get my energy back.  So perhaps she might need a little more time.  However, don’t give up. Encourage people to call her and check in and see how she is doing.  I know I appreciated that a lot. Also, plan something in the near future that she can look forward to, like a lunch or dinner out with friends.   These are just a couple of suggestions.  Feeling depressed after coming home from the hospital is very common, and hopefully by taking small steps, she will get back to her life and feel more vibrant.    

Sharkie Zartman is an all-American athlete, speaker, author of nine books and an empowered aging specialist.

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