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Strength Training Rules While Starting Out

by Lawrence Neal, Strength Training Expert
January 11, 2019

Question: My grandmother aged 65 is interested in working out and I am exploring strength training. How long does she follow this kind of workout routine if she's just starting out?

Answer: The Big-5 strength training routine will probably yield fairly linear results, in terms of improvements in strength, for 12-24 weeks. At this point, your grandmother may have to decrease frequency or move to a 2-way split (abbreviated workout) to provide more recovery and allow continued improvement. Dr Doug McGuff's book, Body By Science, provides details on how she should progress with this training over the long term in terms of changing workouts, volume, and frequency. Furthermore, it makes sense to find a local HIT trainer who can manage this process for your grandmother.

Lawrence Neal is Founder of Corporate Warrior, the High Intensity Training Business and Lifestyle Podcast.

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