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Creating a Safe Bathroom Environment for Disabled Seniors

Apr 18, 2012 09:22AM
Question: I am nervous about creating a safe bathroom environment for my wheelchair-bound mother. Where can I find bath tub/ shower stall that is wheelchair accessible?

Home Remodeling Expert,  Mike Dodd
Lifewise Renovations purchases the only true barrier-free shower base product that is available in the worldwide marketplace from a manufacturer located in great Britain. We are not fans of tubs of any variety for people as they age, especially the walk-in variety. True barrier-free showers should have absolutely no transition between the bathroom floor and the shower floor. In other words, they should sit in the same ramp, no threshold, no height differential.  And, by the way, the shower should afford enough working room for a caregiver to assist someone in a wheelchair with their showering or bathing activities.  Anything less than that is not safe, be it for the patient or the caregiver.

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Mike Dodd is the founder and President of Lifewise Renovations, that combines home remodeling project management with the expertise of health care professionals, to make it possible live safely and comfortably at home regardless of age or physical ability. As a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Mike holds the Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) designation.  For more information, go to
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