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Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

Jeff Weinberg - April 13, 2015 10:58 AM

Choosing a nursing home is very overwhelming. As a licensed nursing home administrator who also teaches nursing home courses, I have created some helpful tips for choosing the proper facility for you loved one.

1.    Talk to people who have been to that facility about the care.

2.    Visit the facility on a tour and then go back and view the facility after 5:00 pm when the administrative staff is not there.

3.    Check out the dining experience.  Is the dining rooms home like or institutional?

4.    Review the monthly activity calendar.  Do they have outings in the community? Is it enriching and engaging?

5.    If you’re loved one is going there for short term rehab-talk with the rehab staff. Also, do they have a separate floor or unit for their rehab patients?  If not, then alert oriented residents will be in the same area with confused residents.

6.    If you’re loved one is staying long term; do they have specialty units for dementia or provide a stimulating environment like the Eden alternative which is vibrant and has plants, pets and music.

7.    Check out nursing home compare. The surveys for all nursing facilities are listed there and given a star rating system from 1 star to 5 stars being the best.

8.    Contact Senior Assistance so that we can help you navigate the nursing home maze as well as help if your loved one is not getting the proper care they deserve.

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Jeff Weinberg, M.Ed, MPH, NHA, developed Senior Assistance, an advocacy agency, as a result of working more than 25 years with seniors, chronically disabled and their families. Senior Assistance helps families to get through the many layers of the bureaucratic maze by providing creative solutions when they need it the most. Jeff has a Master’s degrees in Counseling and Health Administration and is licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator in Pennsylvania and Florida. He is also Adjunct instructor for CCAC and Penn State University.

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