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Are You Breathing Correctly?

Meghana Giridhar - October 27, 2015 03:58 PM

The American Association for Respiratory Care is celebrating October 25th – 31st as Respiratory Care Week. Not many are aware that breathing patterns affect sleep, moods, digestion, heart and nervous systems.
Breathing the right way can lead to more energy, less stress and improved health. For seniors, this is all the more important since aging affects blood oxygen levels. Correct breathing is about breathing in a way that is optimal for the body.

Here are some simple ways to breathe right:

Breathing through the Nose:

This sounds obvious but many breathe through the mouth. The nose prepares and clears the air coming in whereas the air through the mouth is unfiltered. It could be full of viruses affecting body functions.

Breathing with the Diaphragm:

The diaphragm is the muscle underneath the rib cage. You know you are breathing the right way if the diaphragm is pushing down into the belly. That leads to a deep, full breath as also a relaxed chest and heart muscles. Deep breathing for 10-20 minutes a day is recommended to keep chronic diseases and acidity at bay.

Breathing Slowly and Rhythmically:

Taking deliberate breaths without pausing allows you to be mindful and aware of your breathing patterns. Breathing quickly and loudly is incorrect breathing and causes strain.

Breathing Posture:

Sitting straight and exhaling is key to exercising breathing the right way. The posture should be such that you lift your rib cage and hold shoulders back while breathing.

Seniors should consult with their doctors before making any changes to exercise regimes or breathing patterns. It is critical to stop and reassess if they experience dizziness while breathing or exercising. The key to overall well being is optimal body functions which is possible only when breathing is done right.


Meghana Giridhar serves as Content Manager and is part of eCareDiary's founding team. In her role, she oversees and edits content across all of eCareDiary's media platforms.

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